Mar 07

Make Sponge Bombs

What you need:

  • Skêr
  • Three Sponges
  • Hair tie / rubber band

What to do:

  1. Cut each sponge vertically into three pieces. You’ll have a total of nine thin strips.
  2. Gather these in your hands, turn a few of the strips to make a round fistful.
  3. Tie together with the rubber band or hair tie.
  4. Spread out the strips evenly in the ball and dunk in a cold bowl of water.
  5. You can play catch in pairs with the sponge bombs, tracking how many consecutive catches you can make. These are also a lot of fun to throw AT someone in a sponge bomb fight.
  6. You can also have one person hold a bowl on their head. They work with a partner to try to catch the sponge bombs in the bowl. Play as teams to see who can catch the most in their bowls.


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