Reading is the gateway for children that makes all other learning possible.

– Barack Obama

Our Storytime App is packed with books created exclusively for Busy Buddies! The app comes preloaded with 7 books – ‘Bean and Sprout go to Nursery School’, 4 Busy Bush Buddies books as well as 2 books from Bennie and Brenda’s Brain Train adventures!

As a member you will gain access to new stories monthly. Our books are available in English and Afrikaans and they include audio that will help your child connect with the characters and teach them how to pronounce new words. The books are specifically created for children to ensure that your little one gets age appropriate content.

Story Time Library

Volume 1

Explore our first collection of stories – go to school with Bean and Sprout, find out what is wrong with Max the bear, visit scary old Mister Grizzly McGregor and find out how dreams can come true…

Busy Bush Buddies

Meet the Busy Bush Buddies – Jasper, Lola, Rexie, Ronnie and Trixie. Follow them through the African savannah where they learn valuable life lessons through their adventures together.

Brain Train Adventures

Best friends Bennie and Brenda explore the our world, universe and everything in between on the magical Brain Train. Learn about books, germs and much much more with this fun series.




Educators often tell parents to try and encourage their children to develop a love for reading. Not only does reading allow your little one to be transported to a whole new world and where they can develop their creativity, but it will improve their listening skills, expand their vocabulary and increase their attention span.  Some studies have shown that reading also helps children perform better academically, develop a deeper understanding of the world around them and improve their social skills. Not to mention the special bond you and your little one will develop when you read together!

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