Sep 26

Growing beans on cotton balls

All you need for this easy activity is a glass jar or bottle, some cotton wool balls and a bean!

  1. Stuff cotton wool balls into a glass jar.
  2. Simply stick one bean on either side of the jar so that you can watch both growing at once. (You can use butter beans that you can find in the dry food isle.)
  3. Next, water it until the cotton wool is damp but not too wet, and place the jar in a window.
  4. Within 2-3 days the bean will start to sprout a small root, and 2-3 days later it will grow little tendrils.
  5. Another 4-5 days and the bean will develop a large network of shoots coming off the main root, and a sturdy stem will grow straight upwards and above the top of the cotton wool.
  6. Just a day or so later and 2 big, dark green leaves will begin to unfurl.


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