Mar 24

21 Indoor activities to do with your kids

Being stuck indoors with no school or socialising with friends can lead to many children being bored and frustrated. This may trigger unwanted behaviour. As a parent, you might run short on ideas on how to entertain your child during this trying time.

Here are some ideas what you can do with your little one.

  1. Start a diary. Children thrive on routine, each night, before bedtime, let them write down that they did or learnt during the course of the day. If your little one can’t write yet, write it down for them.
  2. Boardgames!
  3. Build a fort (or tent) in the living room and have a sleepover.
  4. Create sock puppets and put on a play.
  5. Read a book. Or learn about a new country, animal or culture.
  6. Have a pillow fight.
  7. Create a bookmark.
  8. Play games such as hangman, tic-tac-toe or the Afrikaans favourite ‘name, vanne, diere, dorpe’ which translates to ‘names, surnames, animals and places’.
  9. Create your family tree.
  10. Paint using your fingers, toes or foreign objects such as Lego or potato stamps.
  11. Have a movie day.
  12. Bake something together or try a new recipe.
  13. Invite a stranger to dinner. Pretend you are someone else and let kids get to know the ‘new you’.
  14. Play balloon volleyball or indoor bowling.
  15. Play games such as ‘I spy, Simon says or charades’.
  16. Build a puzzle.
  17. Try kid-friendly yoga.
  18. Draw a self-portrait, draw each other or draw only using your feet. The possibilities are endless.
  19. Have a scavenger hunt or play ‘hot and cold’.
  20. Make playdough or slime.
  21. Have a talent show.


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