Mar 26

5 Corona Cautious Crafts

It is a very unsettling time for all of us. Although social media is buzzing with ideas to keep the kids entertained – working from home and keeping everybody sane it still seems time-consuming. We have done the hard work for you, these 5 Corona Cautious Crafts are definitely approved by kids.

Use this as quality time to reassure them and calm their nerves. They pick up on our feelings and hear a lot more that we think.

Corona Cautious Craft #1: Sock Puppets

This one is for the older kids and parents to do together.

You will need:

  • Gather all the single socks, who’s friends stayed behind in laundry world
  • Some buttons, pieces of fabric, ribbon, wool and stick-on googly eyes
  • Needle and colourful thread
  • Scissors and glue


  • Some adult supervision is advisable – this is a great time to teach some basic sewing skills.
  • The rest is up to free play and creativity!
  • Make your own puppet using glue or threading. Use different elements for hair, eyes, jewellery, eyebrows etc.

Corona Cautious Craft #2: Paper plates Animals

First palette has some great ideas for you to follow, as seen below. Turn ordinary paper plates into elephants, zebras, giraffes, tigers, leopards, lions, dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, or pigs using paint, googly eyes and other craft items. Follow the link for instructions.

Corona Cautious Craft #3: Leftover veggie garden

I saw this wonderful idea on  A piece of rainbow where they regrow kitchen scraps. Many herbs and vegetables will regrow successfully in water or soil. Follow the link to see how you can successfully regrow beets, carrots, lettuce and potatoes amongst others.

Involving children in the process might make them more willing to try some of their own homegrown vegetables.

Corona Cautious Craft #4: Leave no stone unturned

While taking a walk in our garden, to burn off some energy and relieve cabin fever – we started collecting different stones.

Unable to discard the treasures they collected, I remembered an activity that I saw on Little Pine Learners, and hit two birds with one stone – they could keep their treasures and I could have a few minutes of quiet. 😉

We created a stone puzzle. On a piece of paper, outline the stones with a marker. Place the stones back in a bowl and let your little ones match the stones to the outline. Drawing some stones skew can also stretch out the game. You can add a time limit or race element to make it more exciting for the older siblings.

Corona Cautious Craft #5: Painting with water balloons

On a nice, sunny day, when the house starts feeling cramped, put on some old clothing or swimwear and get creative!

You will need:

  • Paint (water-based is always best and easier to clean)
  • Water balloons.
  • Big area to paint on – a flattened cardboard box, or paper taped together.


  • Fill the balloons with water. Different sizes will help with creativity.
  • Secure the paper or box to the floor, using tape. If you are painting outside on the grass, put some stones in the corners of the paper.
  • Place the paint next to the creative space and give the children the water balloons to use as paintbrushes. You can also join in the fun.
  • Try NOT to correct your kids, keep it clean or direct their artwork. Let it gooooooo!

Have fun and get creative!



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