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How to teach your child colours

Teaching your child can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are five easy tips to help you teach your little one about the different colours.

  1. Start by teaching your child primary colours (red, blue, and yellow). You can introduce contrasting colors once they are comfortable with those three colours. Learning the difference between red and green or blue and yellow is much easier than learning the difference between red and pink or orange and yellow.
  2. Use the same object but in different colours. Give your child a red crayon and ask them what colour that is. Repeat the question after handing them a blue crayon. If your child gets confused, reinforce the colours by pointing to the object and saying, ‘this is the red crayon and this is the blue crayon’.
  3. Start sorting colours. If you’ve got building blocks at home, separate all the blue building blocks in a container and all the red, green or yellow blocks in different containers. 
  4. Point at everyday objects and repeat the colour. Look at the blue sky, there is a yellow ball on the green grass.
  5. Get creative! Using crayons, markers or paint is a great way to learn colours – give your child ques, for example: let’s paint the apple red, and the grass green. 

You can also download the Colours / Kleure educational posters from our website to help your little one with their colours. 



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