Jan 17

Back to School Tips

School is back in session: 5 Tips to support your child’s return to routine!

  1. Get back into a routine. Slowly adjust your child’s routine a week or two before school starts – start waking up and going to bed earlier – this will help with the adjustment.
  2. Remember to check in with your child – ask them how they feel about the new year. Are they excited or scared of anything specific, and why? What do they want to achieve? Make a habit of checking in at the beginning and end of a school term.
  3. Get organised – have a dedicated space for homework where your child can keep their school supplies and backpacks. 
  4. Parents should stay informed about important dates, parent-teacher evenings, and when exams or tests occur, but try to encourage independence. Help your child create a schedule to help organise school, extracurriculars, homework times, project due dates, and test dates so they can stay on top of things. 
  5. Remember that healthy food, regular exercise, and a good night’s rest are what your child needs to thrive physically and mentally. 


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