Feb 04

Yoghurt popsicles

This quick summer snack is approved by moms and kids everywhere! Your little one will believe it is ice cream.

You will need:

  • A six-pack kiddies yoghurt (compare a few brands and pick the one with the least sugar in per 100g)
  • Some ice-cream sticks from a craft store (most supermarkets stock them in the stationary aisle)


  • Use a sharp knife to make a small insert in every yoghurt lid
  • Take an ice cream stick and place one in each tub
  • Place in the freezer to freeze
  • Once frozen break off as many tubs as needed. Hold underneath a running tape and the slowly press on the bottom upwards, popsicle will slowly pop out.

Top tips:

  • Stock up when yoghurt goes on sale
  • Half-eaten tubs of yoghurt can also work – top it up with some plain yoghurt or fresh fruit before freezing


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