Nov 20

Yoga for Kids


In yoga, we move as we breathe. For example, we stretch on the inhale and relax on the exhale. The Sunrise/Sunset pose is a good all-over warm-up for any activity.

  1. Stand up tall. Take three to five deep breaths.
  2. On the next inhale, lift your arms above your head. Press your legs and feet down toward the ground and stretch your spine and waist toward the sky.
  3. As you exhale, bend the upper half of your body at your waist down toward your legs, as if you were diving into a pool. Bend your knees a little at first, to avoid straining your back. Bend as far as you comfortably can. As you inhale again, open your arms wide and stand up slowly, stretching your arms to the sky.
  4. Repeat these six to 10 times. As you inhale and stretch, think of the glowing, rising sun. As you exhale and fold, think of the setting sun. These two works together to mark the passing of the day.


  1. Stand up straight and tall. Breathe in and out and feel your legs reaching toward the ground and your head reaching toward the sky. Look at one spot in front of you to keep your eyes steady.
  2. Now lift your right leg by bending your knee. Breathe evenly, looking at one spot in front of you. Place your right leg on your left leg, above the knee (or below the knee if that’s more comfortable). Imagine roots growing from your left foot into the ground. Let your left leg be strong like the trunk of the tree. Now stretch your arms up like branches. Don’t worry if you start to fall; just smile and start again from the beginning.
  3. Breathe in and out while in the Tree pose. When you are ready to come down, lower your arms, place your right leg on the ground, and stand in the Mountain pose. Then try the Tree pose on the other side.


  1. Stand up straight and tall. Take a big breath in. Reach your arms out to the sides at shoulder height as you breathe out.
  2. Take another breath in and tip forward as you point one foot behind you. Exhale slowly. As you inhale again, lift your chest and lean forward while you lift the pointed foot in the air behind you. Try to keep your chest and back in line with your lifted foot.
  3. Try to keep your eyes on one spot. Stretch your arms to the sides and try to balance while you breathe in and out. Now try Airplane pose on the other side.

For some more yoga poses, read the original article on Parents.



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