Mar 07

DIY Easter Decorations

You will need:

  • Googly Eyes
  • Different coloured papers (we used about six different colours)
  • Glue
  • Potlood
  • Skêr
  • String
  • Wooden pegs


For the instructions, we are referring to the easter chick decoration.

  1. Select any piece of coloured paper for the main body shape and use the rest of the colours for the other shapes (the wings, beak and other decorations). 
  2. Trace the shapes from the downloadable template onto the coloured papers with a pencil (or use your own creativity), then cut them out using a pair of scissors.
  3. Paste the googly eyes, beak, wings and body decorations on the main body shape and moe on to the next chick, egg or bunny. 




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