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Creative Activities for the Whole Family this Holiday Season

As the December holiday season approaches, we are all longing for days without worries of work, having to get up early or having your project done before the deadline. The idea of sleeping in, having a late lunch or watching movies all day long certainly seems inviting, but what else can you do during your off time at home?

Being creative is a wonderful way to relieve stress, reflect on the year that has passed and release endorphins, which in the end, makes us happier. Even though we don’t all necessarily have creative juices flowing inside us, everyone can create something beautiful when you have a little help.

Not all creative activities have to cost a lot of money or be ridiculously complicated to do. Sometimes the simplest form of art has the biggest effect on our hearts, emotions and thoughts. One of the best things about doing creative activities is that you don’t have to finish it all in one day. Piece by piece you can complete your artwork throughout your holiday and have something completed by the end of the year or the start of the new year. Doing fun and creative activities this holiday season can create a wonderful platform for some fun with friends or family bonding. Here are a few ideas for creative activities you and the whole family can do at home.


Paint-by-numbers is a fantastic way to paint without having to do all the technical work of creating the painting. The painting is already drawn for you with numbers added to each little section. Each number represents a colour and by colouring each section according to the number, you create a beautiful painting. Most paint-by-numbers packages come with everything you need, including the paint, paintbrushes and sometimes even the hooks to hang up your painting. They also come in different presentations. Sometimes the painting is drawn on a canvas, Masonite board or even just cardboard. No painting experience is necessary and it is suitable for the beginner and advanced painter, young and old.

Mosaic Kit

Mosaic is the art of creating a picture or a pattern by arranging various coloured pieces of tile, stone or glass. Mosaic’s history started in Mesopotamia in the 3rd millennium BC. After that, pebble mosaics were made in Tiryns in Mycenean Greece and became common in classical times, both in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. If you ever go to Venice and view St Peter’s Basilica you will see the most incredible mosaic work. With pieces of gold in the tiles, the church walls and ceilings have paintings all made of mosaic. There are many craft stores that sell wooden items that you can mosaic, and it can be a great gift to give to someone special for Christmas. You can either buy the necessary items individually or find a mosaic kit that contains everything you need. This project might get a little messy, so we would suggest creating a space in your home that doesn’t need to be tidied up until you are finished.


Crochet is a handicraft in which you use yarn to create a textured item by using two needles. It can be a little tricky to do at first but once you have the pattern and your rhythm it’s quite easy. Crochet items are very special, especially if they were made by a grandmother or a loved one. There are many free patterns available on the internet so you can crochet almost anything you can think of.  Crochet is a very versatile craft and there are also many different techniques you can use. There are more than 10 different crochet techniques and most of them use a different material as well. There is a basic crochet technique, crochet tapestry, Tunisian crochet, bead crochet, fabric crochet and even wire crochet, just to name a few. There are tutorials available to teach you every technique, so even if you don’t have a grandmother who can teach you, there’s always Google.

Glass painting

Glass painting is a fun activity that creates a beautiful art work similar to stained glass.  Depending what you are going to do, this activity can keep you and the kids busy for anything from 20 minutes to a couple of hours a day. As always, you need the materials for this craft, but you don’t need a lot. You will need Plaid Gallery Glass Acrylic Paint, which comes in a variety of colours, and Plaid Gallery Glass Liquid Leading, which comes in black and gold. You will also of course need glass and as well as toothpicks. You can use sheets of glass, wine bottles or windowpanes, it doesn’t matter, anything works. You can also buy glass in a variety of different colours and textures. There are assembled kits available at craft stores. The exciting aspect of glass painting is choosing the pattern you want to paint and on which window you can paint it on in your home. When the sunlight shines through the painting it gives a wonderful touch to a room and can create amazing memories that can last a lifetime.

There are many more fun activities you can choose from. It all depends on whether you are willing to try something new or not. Sometimes, the process of completing an artwork can be a bit time consuming, but the sense of accomplishment you feel when finishing a product you created yourself is one of the best feelings in the world. Visit your local craft store for kits, ideas and supplies. Who knows, you might even be the next Van Gogh. Take this holiday season and make it fun, the crafty way.



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