Sep 12

9 Tips for Raising Responsible Children

  • Teach your child to clean up after themself. You can start by helping them clean their messes – but don’t do it for them.
  • When your child has to complete a new task, encourage them to try completing it on their own first. If you see that they are struggling you can give advice or offer to help, but it is important that you allow your child to make mistakes.
  • Create a schedule with your child and stick to it. Schedules provide routine and structure – something children thrive on.
  • Teach them that all of our actions have consequences and that we are responsible for our choices.
  • Nobody likes doing chores, but it is part of life. You can start by making a game out of it or teach your child about working for an allowance.
  • When they break something, let them pay for it (you can also offer to help them pay for it. When your child has to replace something they broke with money they worked really hard for, it teaches kids to be more responsible.
  • Avoid labeling your child with negative labels such as ‘lazy’ or ‘irresponsible’ as this can have a negative impact on their self-esteem.
  • Teach them empathy – the ability to walk in someone else’s shoes. Empathy will give your child the opportunity to offer support and encouragement.
  • Teach them about responsibility by setting a good example.


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