Jul 25

15 Tips for hiking with children

South Africa is a beautiful country with great child-friendly hiking trails – but how do you go about hiking with your kids? We have 15 tips you can try:

  1. Make sure that the hiking trail is kid-friendly.
  2. Start with shorter hikes and gradually increase the length and difficulty level of your hike.
  3. Watch the weather – try to avoid dangerous weather conditions while hiking. You do not want to hike in rain or extreme heat.
  4. Dress for success. Make sure that your little one wear plenty of layers – hikes can get very warm or very cold without warning, so be prepared for both.
  5. Make sure your child’s shoes have a good grip and that they are comfortable!
  6. If you are planning on hiking with a baby or toddler, use a hiking carrier.
  7. Take plenty of water, you will need to stay hydrated. (Take a roll of toilet paper as well, just in case).
  8. Take plenty of healthy snacks (and treats), you don’t want to be hungry on a hike!
  9. While you are on the hike, take enough breaks.
  10. Remember to pick up your litter after taking a break and eating your snacks.
  11. Hike with other families – children tend to hike faster when there are other kids around.
  12. Teach your children about the different plants and animals that you encounter on your hike. You can even download a bird call app to help you identify birds along the way.
  13. Make hiking fun! Sing songs while you are on your hike, have a scavenger hunt, or play games like ‘I Spy’.
  14. If your child is getting tired, tell them that you are proud of how well they are doing!
  15. Take pictures and enjoy yourself!


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