Oct 31

Pasta Jewellery

You will need: Uncooked pasta (macaroni or penne works great) Food colouring 1/2 cup of vinegar A bowl filled with 2 cups of water  Cookie sheet or baking tray String Method: Add the vinegar to the bowl of water. Add a couple of drops of food colouring to the mixture.... read more →
Oct 31

How to improve your child’s memory

 A good memory makes learning so much easier! Here are a few tips to help improve your child's memory: Encourage your child to ask questions. Asking questions will ensure that they have a good understanding of the subject matter, and it will also help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skill.... read more →
Oct 27

How to teach your child colours

Teaching your child can be intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. Here are five easy tips to help you teach your little one about the different colours. Start by teaching your child primary colours (red, blue, and yellow). You can introduce contrasting colors once they are comfortable with those... read more →
Oct 17

Apple Lollipops

Ingredients: 3 or 4 of your favourite type of apples A little bit of lemon juice Cream cheese, peanut butter and chocolate spread Topping ideas: granola, mini chocolate chips, crushed nuts or sprinkles Wooden skewers Method: Using a knife, carefully cut the apples into rounds Carefully insert the wooden skewers... read more →
Feb 07

Signs that your child might be stressed

Just like adults, children, and teenagers experience stress. Although stress is a normal part of life, we all deal with it differently. Your little one might find a specific situation/ life-event more (or less) stressful than other children. Significant changes cause stress, including the birth of a new baby, death... read more →
Jan 09

5 Benefits of Routines

Routines, or a set of guidelines and actions you follow during the day, give your day some structure. Children typically thrive following a routine as it enforces consistency - your child knows what to expect during the day.  Here are some additional benefits of following a routine: It helps develop... read more →
Nov 08

Teach your child how to save

Parents should teach their children about saving from a young age. This will encourage them to save when they are older. If you aren't sure where to start, follow these three tips: Tip 1: Want vs. Need Our basic needs include food, shelter, clothing, health care, and education; these are... read more →
Sep 12

9 Tips for Raising Responsible Children

Teach your child to clean up after themself. You can start by helping them clean their messes - but don't do it for them. When your child has to complete a new task, encourage them to try completing it on their own first. If you see that they are struggling... read more →
Jul 25

Taking care of your child’s teeth

Teeth need to be cared for, even baby teeth. Here are some tips and tricks on how to properly take care of your little one’s teeth: Make sure they brush their teeth twice per day – once in the morning and once at night, before going to bed. This should... read more →
Jul 25

15 Tips for hiking with children

South Africa is a beautiful country with great child-friendly hiking trails – but how do you go about hiking with your kids? We have 15 tips you can try: Make sure that the hiking trail is kid-friendly. Start with shorter hikes and gradually increase the length and difficulty level of... read more →

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