Jan 17

Spell-tacular tips

Follow these 8 spell-tacular tips to improve your child’s spelling:

  1. Encourage your child to read more. Let them read books, magazine articles, and online pieces on topics they enjoy – anything to help with their language skills. Reading will have a positive effect on their spelling.
  2. Word games like Scrabble, word searches, hangman or word jumble will make spelling fun!
  3. Let them be the teacher and correct the spelling in a body of text. 
  4. Use mnemonics or memory tricks to help your child remember tricky words for example: BECAUSE is Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants or cOULD, wOULD, shOULD is for O U Lucky Duck.
  5. Encourage writing activities. Let your little one keep a journal or let them write letters to their friends or grandparents.
  6. Have a spelling bee at home and let everyone participate. 
  7. Make flashcards for words your child struggles with. 
  8. Practice, practice, practice! 

Remember to correct mistakes positively – don’t make fun of mistakes. 


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