Oct 24

Trick or Treat

It is that time of the year again, where the creepy creatures and medieval villains come out to play. In South Africa we don’t really celebrate this holiday as enthusiastically as the USA and other parts of the Western world, but some neighbourhoods are starting the tradition for some fun with the kids.

Most kids will expect a treat, an overload of sweets, but let’s trick them into loving some healthier alternatives. You will also be the most popular house on the block amongst the parents. Healthier options are not necessarily more expensive, and I promise you these are hassle-free.

  • Grab a permanent marker (don’t know how I ever lived without wipes and a permanent marker in my life before kids) and some fruits.
  • Draw scary or silly faces on naartjies or any fruit with a peel.
  • Wrap bananas in bandages like mummies and draw eyes peeping out.
  • Small yoghurt containers can be decorated as spiders using pipe cleaners and stick-on eyes. Bat wings made from cardboard can also add a spooky effect. Any treat with packaging (dried fruit, raisins or cheese sticks) can be creeped-up with the plastic eyes.
  • Air-popped popcorn can be mixed with some colourful candy and packed in cute decorated bags.
  • Draw a Frankenstein’s monster face on disposable plastic cups and fill with grapes or berries.

Get your children involved with the planning and prepping – it’s part of the fun. Please comment and send us some pictures of your spooky treats.


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