May 06

The Butterfly Effect

Now might just be the best time to explain this effect to children.

A small change, deed or action can make a much bigger change happen. Something small can impact the future much more than we realise.

A loving deed or supporting a charity, can change someone’s life and make the cold winter a bit more bearable or give them hope that things will get better. Same goes for our own families, being kind and compassionate during this time makes it so much more bearable.

Working on schoolwork daily and consistently, even just a little bit, will make such a big difference once schools open again.

Some fun facts about butterflies:

  • Butterflies have four transparent wings
  • Butterflies taste by using the receptors on their feet
  • They eat an all-liquid diet. Mostly nectar from flowers and drinks from muddy puddles.
  • The lifecycle of butterflies consists of four parts. Egg, caterpillar, pupa and adult. The adult stage can last anything between a week to a year – all depending on the species.

Did you know?

An adult frog can eat 100 bugs per day! Flies, dragonflies, mosquitoes and even moths make for a delicious meal. Frogs only eat bugs while the are still alive. Frogs have long tongues and very sticky saliva which help with catching the bugs.


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