Jul 06

Mandela Mindset Activities

During this unsettling time, it is a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves of all the good Madiba did. South Africa is definitely a richer country thanks to the wonderful and kind mind of this legendary leader.

Let teach our children his values and try to have a “Mandela mindset”.

Some activities you can do as a family to get the conversation started

*you will need a few printed copies of Mandela pictures

Textured paint project


  1. Take your favourite picture of Mandela (a drawing/ outline picture in black and white would be ideal) and cut him out.
  2. Take a bigger page and draw the South African flag on it with a black marker
  3. Use some glue and stick Mandela onto the flag (Depending on your child’s age, let them cut and glue their own artwork).
  4. Collet a variety of textured paintbrushes:
  • Bubble wrap
  • Foil pieces, made into balls
  • Feathers (use a washing peg for the handle)
  • Stones, stamps or coins
  • Leaves
  • Fingerprints
  1. Gather the most colourful paint, crayons and Koki pens you can find.
  2. Let’s make some Madiba inspired artwork!
  3. Take and paintbrush and start painting a certain section of the flag.
  4. Continue until the whole flag is colourful. It doesn’t have to be the correct colours of the flag but can be discussed if you want to give it an educational twist.
  5. Let the kids decide if they would like to colour Mandela as well or leave him as is.

Tata Madiba

This one is more for our smaller family members


  1. Let them select their favourite Mandela picture.
  2. Get some cotton wool, glue, colouring crayons and some small decorations (stickers, glitter, fabric, coloured paper). Have them tear the coloured paper into smaller parts or cut the fabric if age-appropriate.
  3. Let the games begin:
  • Let them first colour in Mandela – give them free range, let them get creative, this is for fun.
  • They can use the cotton wool as hair and stick it on using glue.
  • They can use the decoration items for his shirt (or background).

Add an educational twist by naming shapes and colours as you go.

Show them how proud you are of them and brag with their artwork! Put it on the fridge, send pictures to family members, even show it to the courier guy on his next trip!


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