May 13

Autumn Rabbit

We have poems and songs about Spring, even though we do not have that many about Autumn it is beautiful colourful time of the year. With many warm rich colours.

To teach my son about Autumn was a wonderful adventure and we focused on a few different areas. Firstly, I printed a A5 copy of the season’s poster on the Besige Breintjies website. Download it here.

To childproof the poster, I laminated it. I started to explain that we have four seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  Spring is when the trees start to have flowers that can turn into fruit like apples or Apricots in Summer. Autumns is when the leaves from the trees start to turn into different colours such as yellow, orange and red. Then winter all these colourful leaves fall off the tress. We also watched the following videos on YouTube. Links: and

I found that showing the same thing in different ways helps keep my son interested and helps him remember it better. Our next step was finding the leaves for our Rabbit. We started in our garden going from tree to tree and looking for the correct leaves. When we struggled went for a walk looking in the neighbourhood for the best leaves. This is also a good time to have a look at colours again. We looked for yellow, dark red, red, orange, green and even brown leaves. It was fun treasure hunt finding all the different leaves and colours.


  • Leaves
  • Clean white A4 paper
  • GLUE (Glue stick or Pritt)
  • Little bit of sand
  • Scissor
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Wet wipes

We then learned a few interesting facts about rabbits. Firstly, rabbits normally live 9 to 12 years and the oldest rabbit became 12 years old. We watched the following video about rabbits on YouTube.  Link:

On the clean white paper, I traced the rabbit to give us a better indication on where to stick the leaves.

Please find a printable version of a rabbit to use for tracing. When you print it, it can also be used for colouring. The leaves were then spaced and cut to form the rabbit. Use glue stick to glue leaves to paper.  Use eraser if some of the lines is still showing. To round the picture off the glue stick was used at the bottom to add glue to the paper. Fine sand was then drizzled over the glue. Last we used a leave and leaves stems to create a tree on the picture.  As the glue stick to hands a packet of wet wipes was used to keep the glue off our hands.

Sterna (33) is the mother of busy little Christof (3). She is married to Casper, lives in Roodepoort, has a degree in Marketing Management and works full time.


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