Mar 10

Music to my ears

Music can have such a big impact on our moods, soft background music to create a feeling of tranquillity or an upbeat song to get one excited or pumped up for exercise. Music and learning to play an instrument early on have wonderful benefits for children!

Brain power

It is shown that the parts of our brain’s we use to study music also stimulates the same parts used for mathematics and cognitive abilities. This might just be the academic boost your child needs. Playing instruments and listening to music can stimulate brain development and improve memory. Reciting songs and learning to read musical notes will develop both short and long term memory, thus improving learning abilities.

Confidence builder

While learning to play an instrument their teachers will give children constructive criticism to guide them. They will have to deal with criticism from a young age – not making the sports team or being picked for the choir. Learning this skill in a protected, fun environment will set them up to handle criticism in and outside of school. Performing on stage with friends will also help build confidence from a young age and hopefully spark a love to perform.

Self-discipline and patience

These two important qualities will be trained. Learning to play a new instrument and practicing new songs will test and teach them patience, something desperately needed in this instant gratification times they are growing up in.

Creativity and self-expression

Music is another form of art where children get to express themselves through their own creativity. They can explore different instruments until they find something they really enjoy and love playing.

Improved social skill

They will be joining other kids in choir or group practise and this will help them to make friends from different ages and backgrounds. They will also be interacting with teachers and learning respect for the arts.

Sounds like music to my ears – turn up the radio and enrol them to learn a new instrument this year. Or, just bang on the pots and pans for now!


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