May 25

How to get your child to remember what they read

  • Make sure there are no distractions. Being tired, thirsty, or hungry is just as much of a distraction as a restless dog or a loud television set in the background. Make sure the room you want to read in is quiet, with little to no background noise, at a comfortable room temperature with comfortable seats.
  • Let your child visualize or imagine what they are reading. We tend to remember pictures more than words.
  • Choose your reading time. When you are trying to get your child to read with comprehension, don’t let them read when they are tired. Being tired will decrease your ability to focus and not being able to remember what they have just read can discourage your child from reading all together.
  • Ask questions such as who, what, where, when, how and why. This will help your child process the information they have just read.
  • Let your child retell what they have just read in their own words as this encourages reading with comprehension.
  • Keep your goal in mind – you want your child to remember what they read so speed is not important.
  • Engage with the text. Help your child write down key words, circle or underline important ideas or use bright markers to help remember important facts.

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