Parental Control App – IWAWA

How to install the IWAWA App

The IWAWA App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store

  1. Click and open IWAWA app once downloaded
  2. Give app appropriate permissions
  3. Type in name and DOB of child/ren
  4. Allow permissions again follow prompts
  5. On the lock icon on the bottom left hand corner of the screen
  6. Complete the sum
  7. Click on applications
  8. Select the apps that you would like your child/ren to have access to within the child safe environment
  9. Go all the way back till you get to the main screen with the child’s name in the apple
  10. Click on the apple and all the apps that you made safe for the child will be displayed here.
  11. Select the Lock Icon
  12. Click the Parental Control icon
  13. Complete the Sum
  14. Select Applications
  15. Tick the programs you want to add
  16. Click the back arrows on the top left-hand corner of the screen all the way back to the screen that shows the A+ Apps, your Mini Apps will now be in the Parental Control Apps

Deactivate Parental Control

When you receive your tablet, the parental control will be activated.

To deactivate this, follow these easy steps: Deactivate Parental Control

  1. Click on Kid Icon
  2. Select yes to leave Kid Desktop
  3. Click on bottom right corner icon
  4. Complete the sum that comes up
  5. Your device is now deactivated from the parental control function

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