Smart Pet Feeder


Because your pet deserves the best!

Perfect for animal lovers that want to check on their pets during the day. The moisture-proof food holder also keeps the food extra fresh. Allows you to be away from home and not worry about your furry friend going hungry! And if you miss them too much you simply turn on the camera, call them (pre-recorded) and watch them eat.

  • Watch your pet feed via 1080P built-in camera through an app.
  • The moisture-proof bag keeps pet food fresh.
  • Removable food tray for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic big capacity 6L remote control feeder for pets.
  • Wireless connection and simple network configuration.
  • Used for manual feeding if required.
  • Can set up regular feeding cycles or set a custom feeding time.
  • You could record 5 seconds voice and display when feeding(Not real-time. It’s record and display).
  • Dual power supply, which means feeding won’t be interrupted when the power is out.

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