Magical Pen Lacing Art


Bring out your creative magic with this innovative and unique learning tool, recommended by Occupational Therapists, to strengthen fine motor hand muscles and hand-eye coordination.

With Magical Pen Lacing Art, it’s fun to trace bright designs with coloured laces. Just push a lace into the special pen, press it into the lacing board’s self-locking slots, and create your masterpiece.

The designs can be quickly be removed by simply pulling out laces.

This on-the-go storage container with carrying handle contains 1 lacing board, 1 lacing pen, 20 laces and copy designs.

Age 5+.

In the box

  • 1 Storage case with lacing board
  • 1 Lacing pen
  • 20 Threading laces
  • 20 Designs to copy
  • Instructions in Afrikaans and English

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